Purchase options unavailable due to Covid 19 Closure - Please call 410.268.9109 if you require assistance.


SALES TAX: We charge Maryland sales tax for online sales.

SHIPPING: We charge $4.95 to ship discs regardless of quantity. We ship only to the Continental US. Misdirected mail will incur an additional $4.95 shipping fee. After two attempts to ship without success, you will be required to pickup your disc from our storefront location in Annapolis, MD.



CANCELLATION: If you purchased a DISC, you may cancel your order within 24 hours, provided it has not yet shipped, and we will happily refund you.  Please email us at sales@adekproductions.com, add "CANCEL MY ORDER"  in the subject line. We will review your cancellation request and respond promptly. Cancellations must be made via email, no phone cancellations please. 

EXCHANGE: If your DISC is defective or has been damaged in shipping, please mail or bring it back WITHIN 30 DAYS OF THE POSTMARKED DATE in its original packaging and we'll be happy to exchange it for you. If you feel the disc is defective, please test it in your computer(s), and DVD/Blu-ray player(s). Some DVD players cannot play DVD-R discs.  They must be played in a computer disc player instead. Sorry, we do not make exchanges in cases where you do not have a DVD player to play the disc. Please do not send back anything without calling us first.  You must receive approval for replacement. Please call 410.268.9109. 


CANCELLATION: You are eligible for a refund or exchange only IF the file has not been downloaded or attempted to be download.  Rather than a refund, you may opt the video on disc instead. Please ask.

EXCHANGE: If you have made attempts to download the file, and have done so unsuccessfully, you may qualify for an exchange. At our discretion, we may exchange the download option for a physical disc of the same event/performance. Shipping fees will apply regardless of how the order was placed.  Pickup arrangements from our Annapolis MD location can be made.