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AHS Spring Dance Program - 2019
AHS Spring Dance Program - 2019

AHS Spring Dance Program - 2019

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DVD, Blu-ray Disc, or Digital Download

Show Dates: Friday, May 3, 2019  & Saturday, May 4, 2019

We offer the following media formats:

  • DVD
    • GOOD: Plays in DVD player or computer.
  • Digital File (See important details below*.)
    • BETTER: File for download to your computer, MP4, Approx 5GB.
  • Blu-ray Disc
    • BEST: Blu-ray player required.


DVDs and Blu-rays will ship in about 2 weeks from the show date.
Digital files may be available sooner.

If the digital file is not yet available, you can opt to be notified when the file is ready for download by adding your email address for notification.


If you pre-purchased at our booth/kiosk the day of your show, or otherwise have a discount code, you will use the phone number you provided on your order form as your "DISCOUNT CODE" to retrieve the file FREE of charge. However, you must still add it to your cart and checkout to access the file once the file is available for download.


All orders are shipped via USPS Standard Mail. There is an option to ship Priority Mail. However, keep in mind that the production times still apply no matter what ship method you choose.

Flat Standard Mail Rate: $4.95


Order forms distributed same day of event, may have different pricing.  Sorry, kiosk sales offers cannot be honored online or otherwise.


File download time will depend upon your connection. These files are very large, approx. 5 GB so give them time to download. With faster connections, it may take 15 to 30 minutes, some slower connections can take up to an hour or more to download.

  • TURN OFF YOUR ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE for the duration of the download.
  • Do not interrupt the download until it is completely finished to ensure a proper working file.
  • Upon download, SAVE the file to your hard drive, do not select OPEN as this may corrupt the file.

Not recommended for download directly to your mobile device unless you are using an app to do so. We recommend using a desktop or laptop for downloading.

Need help?! Visit our FAQs for many of the answers to your questions.

Sales benefit each school to help offset production costs. 

Annapolis High School, Annapolis, Maryland
Anne Arundel County